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I definitely recommend her as a home inspector

December 14, 2018

Lisa Yetter is the owner of this company. It was great working with her. I definitely recommend her as a home inspector. She performed a home inspection for us on a 1923 house in Silver Lake. Her report was very thorough and included a lot of photographs. She was very informative and it was clear that she knew a lot about older homes. She really took the time to explain things. We accompanied her during the home inspection and she spent almost four hours with us. She has been a great resource ever since. She supplied us with recommendations for other contractors and gave us some great advice on dealing with an older home. We also called her to follow-up on her report and she spent nearly forty-five minutes with us over going over the report which I thought was pretty amazing

Priya M


August 1, 2012

I really can’t say enough good things about Lisa and her inspection services. Being a first time home buyer in LA can be pretty daunting/frustrating at times, but I can honestly say Lisa turned our home inspection into the best experience of the whole process so far. Not only was she PROMPT, PROFESSIONAL, AFFORDABLE, AND THOROUGH, she also took the time to answer every single one of our questions and educate us–basically give us a three hour seminar–about the construction history of our home and what we can expect in the future. It was incredible! I think another reviewer said it, but when she’s done, you really feel like you’ve got a biographical instruction manual to your house. It’s awesome! She’s awesome, and if you’re buying any kind of residence in the LA area, you’d really be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t use her for your home inspection.

Wally R

A lovely presence

July 14, 2012

Lisa did our general inspection on our first home, a 1920s bungalow. She not only did a rigorous inspection, but she offered us insight into the history and materials of the old house and the neighborhood, and brought problems to our attention while giving us context on what needs immediate attention and what doesn’t. She was very reassuring and her report was super-thorough- plus she’s just a lovely presence and her passion for homes and their history is evident. She fielded our questions on future floor plan remodeling as well. Thanks, Lisa!


I highly recommend Lisa!

May 14, 2012

I’ve recommended Lisa for many years as a Realtor at Prudential California Realty, Keller Williams Realty and Fred Sands Realty. She’s the first inspector I turn to, and I feel lucky when she’s available for my buyer clients to use during their inspection period. Lisa came to my attention when she was used by a buyer on one of my listings back in the 90’s. Lisa found a crack in the firebox of an old floor furnace. My seller had the gas company out to verify Lisa’s findings, and the gas company said there was no crack. Lisa said to check again. The gas company came back out and, lo and behold, found a crack way in the back. The buyer got a new furnace from my seller because of Lisa’s care and attention to detail. From that point on, Lisa became my inspector of choice. What I like most about Lisa is that despite all her years of experience, doing hundreds and hundreds of home inspections, she has retained her helpful attitude. Having an inspection with Lisa is not just like having an inspection, it’s like going to class. She likes you to tag along so she can point out what you should know about your new home-to-be, as well as how to care for it in the years to come. Lisa has an excellent bedside manner. She knows having an inspection is quite the experience, especially for first time home buyers, when the negatives about a house can seem more prominent than the positives. She lets you know what you should be concerned about and what is typical for a home of this age. When she sees something you should be concerned about, she definitely tells you about it. With her background in architecture and construction, she loves to throw out ideas about how you can most easily and affordably change this or that to make your home even more liveable. I call Lisa one stop shopping. I get so much more when she does an inspection for one of my clients. For that reason, when it was time for me to sell my little cottage of 20 years, I was delighted that the buyers happened to choose her as their inspector. I had learned to trust that she would find what was right and what was wrong with my house, nothing more and nothing less. I highly recommend Lisa! – Prudential California Realty, Los Feliz

Diane McDonald

Phenomenal job

February 14, 2012

Lisa did a phenomenal job on our inspection. She showed up early and had already started the inspection prior to our arrival and actually helped us out with another inspection that was at the same time. The sewer inspector tried to come up with a very expensive “cleaning” solution to one of the cleanest sewers I’ve ever seen when buying a home and she cut through his sell tactics for another issue he raised and tactfully laid out a simple fix. She was very professional and straight forward. She was incredibly thorough while also being discrete. She took the time to sit down with us and lay out any issues and the simplest, most practical solutions for each. Unlike many home inspectors, she didn’t rush through any aspect of the inspection. She answered all of our questions, helping us focus on the most important aspects of the inspection as it pertained to our soon-to-be new home. Lisa consistently referenced industry standards, including what was appropriate for the age of the home and the relevance of compliance/non-compliance. When the report arrived, we were even more impressed by the level of detail and thoroughness taken in preparing the report. It was remarkable in that she collected so much information and so many photos during the inspection even though we were routinely peppering her with questions. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home inspection. I have had other home inspectors give me simple and poorly written one page inspection reports supported by three or four photographs and had major and expensive problems as a result. This won’t happen with Lisa. She is masterful in highlighting what really matters during the inspection and close out session while also leaving no stone unturned in the written report. It is the perfect balance to set your mind at ease. We feel confident and secure that we know everything about this house while also understanding which details warrant our attention. Thank you Lisa!

Michael B.

Lisa Yetter is smart, professional, experienced, honest, and supportive

November 14, 2011

Lisa Yetter is smart, professional, experienced, honest, and supportive. She’ll tell you if a property has problems (as my first two failed escrows demonstrate) and will be as excited as you are when you find that magical house that, although it may need some TLC, is the perfect one you’ve been looking for. Lisa’s incredibly thorough report and fearless digging through every crawlspace, attic and dark hole, along with clear photographs of what she found, make it possible for me to make a knowledgable decision and negotiate effectively with the sellers. She encouraged me not to be intimidated by permit issues on the house (mine was a serious fixer-upper that was unappraisable) and to be optimistic about the hurdles I would have to jump with inspectors and costs. It turned out she was right at every step of the way. Thanks to her help I saved tens of thousands of dollars where other contractors had told me I would have to hire engineers and architects at the very least, and that it would take at least a year. We moved into the house 6 months later and as of August we have been completely finaled on all permits, 11 months after closing. 90% of my success in this project was thanks to Lisa’s intelligence, professionalism, good rapport with everyone she works with, and warm encouragement. (The other 10% was luck.) I have also referred her to many friends now for home inspections, aside from the three I had on my own projects, and everyone has been impressed and completely happy with the results. Her own background as an investor and flipper of properties, not to mention her time in architecture school and her great love of historical properties, were invaluable. We’re now done with our project but I worked with her every day for over a year, and it was a great experience start to finish.

Mimi M.

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